A Moroccan rug is so much more than just a rug that you put on the floor. The rug is the heart of the Moroccan house that brings that slow living feel. It’s the central place in your home, where you come together as a family. Your home should be a warm and safe place that reflects your personality and style.

That’s exactly how we create our collection. Our story is about quality and sustainability of living. Leylastyle believes that sustainable and stylish living can go hand in hand. With great taste and style we select unique, handmade products just for you.  Our rugs, for example,  combine the Atlas Mountain’s wool with traditional craftsmanship, creating beautiful interior products that last a lifetime. The Leylastyle style combines ancient craftsmanship with modern design. Traditional products with a  modern and edgy look & feel.

Leylastyle believes that everyone, so you too, can have the home you desire, where you can be yourself at any time of the day. Every corner in your home should give you a spark of joy! This is our style, go check out yours!

My roots are Moroccan, and I was born and raised in Amsterdam. Traditional, with a modern twist, just like my Leylastyle products. A year ago I decided say goodbye to my 9 to 5 job and  follow my lifelong passion: to bring beautiful, high quality, handmade interior products from Morocco to homes everywhere. I travel to Marrakech regularly to pick out all of my products myself, so I can guarantee that personal touch. I love to share my eclectic and bohemian style with others. As a female entrepreneur and mom of two girls, it can be a challenge, but the road so far has been more than worth it. With my story, I hope to inspire women around the world to follow their dreams!